Alfred Kalberer crew

Alfred F. Kalberer crew ferried HALPRO B-24 Ole Faithful overseas.  There is no known photo of the passengers and crew.  Their names were:

Pilot                             Capt. Alfred F. 'Kal' Kalberer

Co-Pilot                       2/Lt. Richard L. 'Dusty' Rhoades

Nav./Bomb.                  1/Lt. Francis Bernie 'Beaver' Rang

Engineer                       S/Sgt. Lacey A. Whitley

Radio Op.                     Sgt. Anderson T. 'Sleepy' Patrick

Armorer                       Corp. Robert J. Coutre

Gunner                         Cpl. James R. Peterson

Passengers                   Col. Harry A. Halverson

                                    1/Lt. Arthur L. Cox

                                    T/Sgt. Carl W. Edwards

Note:  The nicknames come from various diaries including:

George Richardson's unpublished Forgotten Force;