B-24 related You Tube videos

We have been sent links to various videos which have been posted to You Tube.  We have added this page to provide quick links to them.

Allen Shouse sent the following links:

Chum VIII accident

AAF landing training film

Desert operations

Bombing Naples Dec 4, 1942

Bombing Naples and Messina

Bombing Naples 2

98th Bomb Group

Lady Be Good

Story of Willow Run

Combat footage of 10th AF, 7th BG

Training films:

    Land and Live in the Desert

Allen sent many more links; too many to list.  If you click on any of the above links, YouTube will present a menu of related videos. 

Critical Path web site has videos for sale.  There is one of Ketih Compton briefing the Weiner Neustadt mission,

Liberandos Patch