John Palm crew

John Palm crew was assigned to the 512th Squadron.  There are no known photos of the crew. 

The crew was flying the B-24 "Brewery Wagon" on the August 1, 1943 Operation Tidalwave, the low level raid on the Ploesti oilfields.  The plane was shot down by fighters.

The crew members were:

Palm, John D.               666805    Pilot
Love, William F.            735410    Copilot
Wright, William M.        794189    Navigator
Stickler, Lawrence R.    733111    Bombardier

Reckinson, Alexander P.    35284867    Engineer
Block, Harold (NMI)            12039839    Radio
Robertson, Dallas A.          35490909    Gunner
Thompson, William E.        14081874    Gunner
Chastain, Austin D.            37222013    Gunner
Snyder, Clay E.                   35213797    Ball Turret