John Horn crew

John Horn crew was assigned to the 513th Squadron. The above picture was provided by John Horn's son John.  According to John,

"This picture was taken at Forbes Field Kansas just prior to departure for overseas via Brazil in April 1944."

The men and their positions are:

Officers (l to r)
Freedman, Charles                    698881    Bombardier
Middlestadt, Jr., Frederick W.                     Co-pilot
Horn, John H.                                             Pilot
Belasco, Frank                                            Navigator

The position of the enlisted is unknown. Their names and their crew station are:

Ulmer, Harvey H.                                         Engineer
Dobrowolski, Edmund                                 Tail Turret
Edsall, Leonard W.                                       Waist Gunner
Glencoe, Leon M.                                         Waist Gunner
Seibert, Edward J.                                        Top Turret
Bunker, Allen J.                                            Ball Turret