William J. Hatton crew

On April 4, 1943 a 514th crew departed from Soluch in the "Lady Be Good" on a high altitude attack on the harbor at Naples, Italy.

Of the twenty-four B-24s participating in the mission only the Lady Be Good failed to return to Soluch or be accounted for. The only contact with the lost crew was a terse radio distress call shortly after midnight on April 5th.

Left to right:
Hatton, William J.                    791102     Pilot
Toner, Robert F.                      793200    Co-pilot
Hays, Dp                                 730262    Navigator
Woravka, John S.                     731127    Bombardier
Ripslinger, Harold J.             16043686    Engineer
LaMotte, Robert E.               36237913    Radio Operator
Shelley, Jr., Guy E.                33233099    Gunner
Moore, Vernon L.                 35211523    Gunner
Adams, Samuel E.                36318060    Gunner