Frank Beach

Frank Beach was the radio operator on the Gerald Brown crew.  The crew was originally assigned to the 513th squadron.  In January 1944, they were re-assigned to the 512th.

Sometime around the first of May, he was assigned to the Marden Turner crew.  The following is what he wrote about his service:

I joined 376th Bomb Group October 1943, in Enfidaville, Africa, and participated in 42 missions - including Polesti oil fields. Survived four crashes: the last one being the one that took off from Lecci, Italy, was crippled, and ordered back with full bomb load. Landing with bombs aboard injured or killed all crew members and put me in the hospital for three years. Was in hospital in Bari, Italy, and returned home on a convoyed liberty ship turned into a hospital ship. Was hospitalized at Billings General Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. Also at Perey Jones General Hospital, where I was discharged 15 April 1947. Before I was injured, I had enjoyed one week of R & R on the Isle of Capri. The crash occurred May 31, 1944.