SSGT. Billy Mullins

by Mitchell G. Mullins
(Dallas, Texas 75224 USA)

Joined Army Air Corps within 1 week of Pearl Harbor 1941 from Dallas, Texas and Training in: San Angelo, Texas: Muroc, California: Sebring, Florida.

Billy Mullins Flew 51 Missions in the 514th Squadron with the 15 Army Air Corps in the 376th Liberandos, As a Staff Sargent/Flight Engineer; Many duties in the Air and on the Ground. The Time Frame was March through June within the Spring of 1944. The B-24 with "The Durban Crew" Yum Yum, Gentile Annie along with the Staff Plane of Polished Aluminum and the Triangle on the Tail, The 514th.

Billy Mullins Earned his Air Wings along with 5 Bronze Medals and a Good Conduct Ribbon and has Official Army Air Corps Photo's from Sebring, Florida in Winter Dress Greens with crew member signatures, with the exception of his; The Separation Photo from Harlingen, Texas shows the Kaki Staff Sargent Patch on Kaki Uniform among other Staff Sargent's with Green Patch on Kaki, designating the 514th Squadron, once again crew member signatures with the exception of his and photoed with Varied 1st Lt. and Colonel in Harlengen, Texas. Sold War bonds and given the Civilian Occupational Specialty as an Airplane Inspector. Billy Mullins was offered B-29 Engineering School and declined a Career with the Army Air Corps and returned to Dallas, Texas for 1 Marriage and one Daughter and Two Sons and Raised a Productive Family.

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Apr 26, 2013
Great Story!!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for serving!!!

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