James Salscheider crew

James Salscheider crew was assigned to the 515th Squadron.

Top row from left to right: Steve Jeffers - Navigator, Jim Grossmann - Nose Gunner, Bill Rutigliano - Top Turret Gunner, Ruben Egan - Radio Operator, (Ruben Egan was replaced by Jim Sauls before first mission due to illness), Bill Ellis - Co-pilot.

Bottom row from left to right: Jim Salscheider - Pilot, Joe Presutto - Bombardier, George Donnell - Engineer, John C. Williams - Tail Gunner, Milt Reiterman - Ball Turret Gunner.

Liberandos Patch


DATES :  2017

CITY : New Orleans


At the General Member meeting at the 2015 reunion, the members approved a motion for the board to investigate the possibility of our group joining 6 other 15th Air Force veterans groups.

The reasons for this merger are the declining attendance and declining financial resources.

After reviewing the joint reunion details, the board voted to join these other groups.

At the 2016 reunion, the board voted to continue meeting with the other groups, based on the success of this reunion.

2015 reunion details

2016 reunion details

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