Dana Reed crew

Dana Reed crew was assigned to the 515th Squadron.

Standing: Navigator (Joseph Sekerak), Co-Pilot (John Donovon), Pilot (Dana Reed), Bombardier (Maxwell Quartner).

Front row: Assistant Engineer, Assistant Armorer, Armorer, Assistant Radio Operator, Radio Operator (Harold Tyrrell), Engineer (Joseph Chaty). Position assignments of Lloyd Beckel, Berwyn Nicholas, Henry Cichoracki, and James Sanden not known.

This crew was flying mission 362 on 11/11/44 to Mezzocorona, Italy when the aircraft ditched in the Adriatic Sea due to weather. 1st Lt. Dana Reed (Mass.), 2nd Lt. Maxwell (Mackie) Quartner, John Donovan (Penn,) and Anthony F. Burns (N.C.). Listed as MIA. 

Tomas Aybar was the camera/gunner on this mission.