Ploesti Memorial

In the summer 2014 issue of the Intelligencier, we included a questionnaire about our veterans experiences during the various raids into Romanian air space.  These are the responses we received from our veterans.  Click on the name and read his response.

Bodien, Glenn (NMI)                     706679    Bombardier

Child, Kenneth R.                     37453435    Engineer

Crawford, George W.                    756187    Pilot / Co-pilot

Ganga, Vincent (NMI)                32692007    Tail Turret

Gordon, Byfield "Flash" D.             671004    Pilot

Johnson, Maurice L.                      695263    Pilot

Miller, Richard H.                      33834224    Engineer

Razzano, Charles (NMI)             12220857    Ball Turret, Dept 612

Rowekamp, Lester L.                 35796202    Top Turret

Sorenson, Victor R.                       668808    Bombardier

Woldring, Robert (NMI)             36402709    Ball Turret

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