James PItts crew

James Pitts crew was assigned to the 514th Squadron.  The identities of the crew members are not known.  Their names were:

Pitts, James J.              430688    Pilot
Donnelly, James F.       826953    Copilot
Wardrop, John W.       1315648    Navigator
Pincus, Irving (NMI)    2056823    Bombardier

Black, Neal L.              34353237    Engineer
Morrow, Robert W.      16031941    Radio Operator
Bailey, Wilford P.         33899713    Nose Turret
Peters, Robert A.         31429331    Gunner
Smith, Paul L.              14148338    Gunner
Whitmore, Russell E.    39466224    Gunner

Photo from Betty Jean Geist, cousin, Cpl Russell E. Whitmore.  My cousin is fourth from the left kneeling.  He was listed as KIA when the plane on which he was a gunner ditched into the sea.

Editor's note:  The Pitts crew made a crash landing in the Adriatic on its first mission.  Whitmore did not survive.