Robert Mellinger Photograph 1

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Front Row: David C Burton,Pilot , M.P.Schuman, Co Pilot, Hugh V. Banta, Navigator, D.J. Delaney, Bombardier
Second Row:  E.H. Stiener,Engineer, A.W. Kurzontkowski, Ball Turret, H.W. Furney, Nose Turret,  J. Knol, Waist Gun ,asst Engr,  R.P. Mellinger, Tail Turret, asst Engr H. Graham, Radio Op, top turret.

I must explain why the crew picture was taken in front of a B-17. We were shipped to Grand Island,NB to get a B-24 to fly overseas.We found that it was a B-17 staging area and not B-24's.

David C burtons crew was made up the first of August 1943 in Biggs Field,El Paso TX after all members had been trained at various bases around the country. We flew our training flights from Biggs Field until Nov 1943. After the mistake in Grand Island we were then shipped to Norfolk,VA, where we boarded the tranport "Empress Andes" we sailed Dec 3,1943 without a convoy. We arrived in Casablanca, Morroco after 8 to 10 days at sea. We were put in Camp Don B Passage an Infantry replacement center. They did not like the Air Force and we had a rough time. We left there Jan 5,1944 and were flown to Italy in a C-47 to replace crews lost Dec 28th by the 512th Sqd in the 376th Bomb Group San Pancrazio, Italy arriving Jan 8,1944.