Donald Johnstone's Photograph 15

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"We came back to the States and were to receive 90 days training on B-29's. The plan was that we were to head West to the Land of The Rising Sun. The Wars were over on both fronts as a result, we were waiting for discharge on the basis of the point system. Photo was taken at Kirkland Field, Alberquerque, NM. It was published in "The Twenty Niner" - a base newpaper, on August 11, 1945."

Cpl. Wallace Hostetter, Sqd.; Pfc. Joseph Eskel,Sqd.; Pfc. William Marston, Sqd.; Sgt. Frank Carangelo, Sqd., Cl. Zig Kastrau, DSqd.; Pvt.George Dorsey; Cpl. Edwin McCabe, Sqd.; T-Sgt. James O'Shields, Sqd.; S-Sgt. Robert Cherlow, Sqd., S-Sgt. Edwin Sully,Sqd.; S-Sgt. Andrew Norek.Sqd.; Sgt. Randolph Wagenlehner, Sqd.; T-Sgt. Emerald Knudson, Sqd.; Pfc. Donald Johstone, Sqd.