A. Warren Pearson Mission March 31, 1945

March 31, 1945      26th Sortie    (Double)

Linz, Austria - North Marshalling yards

6 - 500 lb. bombs

24,100 feet Temp. -31 degrees F.

Ran into bad weather on the way up. Flew with Lt. [Charles] Morris. Mission lasted 7 hours. Group in front of us ran into wall of flak. 514th went through and two ships had to go to Russia. Navigator got hurt and Bombardier got killed. We snuck through and saw very little flak. Flew close behind 5l4th. Missed target-- whole group missed it. Had undercast and partial coverage over target. Navigator and Mickey man did a good job. 514 ran into flak at Graz. Mission ran pretty smooth. 150 heavy guns over Linz. Who1e air force hit it--P5l escort.