A. Warren Pearson Mission March 20, 1945

March 20, 1945    23rd Sortie   (double)

Amstetten, Austria - Marshalling yards

Primary target St. Valentin tank works. Bad weather so we dropped down to 14500 feet and bombed alternate. Made 360 degree on target. Bombardier muffed up on first run. Got direct hits on yards. Also hit oil storage tanks. Started fires, large fires already in yards. Round house hit. Allen Price got best hits in group on that Mission. He also made 360.  Temp about -20 degrees F. Had very little escort that day. Took off at 11 and landed at 6. caught very accurate flak near Zagreb at 14'000 feet. 3" hole in tail and one in #4 engine. Four men slightly wounded in formation. [Robert] Kraft was pilot and Colonel Day co-pilot. Ship ran pretty good.

Carried 4 - 1,000 lb. bombs.