A. Warren Pearson Mission January 4, 1945

January 4, 1945     17th Sortie

Brenner Pass Bronzola, Italy - Marshalling Yards

Bombed at 26,500 feet Temp. -40 degrees F.

56 bombers 51 - P5l's

Flak pretty heavy. Some bursts too close for comfort. About 6 puffs paved the sky beneath us. First time I ever saw heavy f1ak·through bomb bay door. Knocked out marshalling yards, very excellent bomb concentration on target. Saw flashes from marshalling yards, which I was later told, were ack ack guns on the rail cars in the yards. Tail gunner saw red flashes in yards. Possibly gas or ammunition. White flak tossed at us off about a mile near Trento. We took course up Adriatic to target and then across northern Italy past Rome. No planes lost, complete air force went to pass including P-38's B25's and B26's. We went up to draw fighters. German workers offered bonus to get track repaired in order to get cars out before we got there. A very long mission -- 7-1/2 hours for Northern Italy