A. Warren Pearson Mission December 11, 1944

December 11, 1944     13th Sortie    (Double)

Moosbierbaum, Austria

8 -500 lb. bombs 2 delayed action bombs

24,000 feet altitude

Target covered by smoke from smoke pots. Vienna also covered -very clever. Formations split up-- our box bombed Parndorf airdrome. Knocked out two hangers and work shops. Very good bombing. I saw flashes of flame come through roof of one hanger. Formation caught flak over Moosbierbaum. It was all behind us. I saw one feeble puff of flak under ship. Nose gunner didn't see any escort

P-38's and P-5l’s sweated fighters out that mission. Worked on ball turret for over an hour. 253 bombers-- 149 escort. One bomber lost.