A. Warren Pearson Mission December 2, 1944

December 2, 1944     12th Sortie   (Double)

Vienna, Austria - Marshalling yards

Went to Florisdorf oil refinery

Another ship cut out P.F.F. ship Knocked out target, smoke for 25,000 feet altitude. 8 - 500 lb. bombs, screamers and 2 booby trap delayed action. Bombed target of opportunity. All bombs went into woods about 2 miles from target-- lousy bombing. bombed at 24,300 ft. Saw more flak that day than I've ever seen before.

Drew flak at Bratislavia and then for about an hour after. Total flak time about 30 minutes. One exhaust manifold blew out. Flew on 3 engines and half power on #3 for about 3 Hrs. Got engine back at 15,000 feet. Flak intense and accurate. 973 planes went to Blackhammer and Odetal oil refineries--152 from our wing bombed.

One bomber got jumped by three fighters.