A. Warren Pearson Mission November 11, 1944

November 11, 1944       8th Sortie

Casara, Latisana- Italy- Railroad bridge

6 - 1,000 lbs.

Did not hit briefed target. Bombs hung up and we dropped them in Adriatic. Bombed at 23,500 feet. Climbed to 27,000 to get through weather. Almost collided twice with the lead ship. Had four ships in formation over target. Four direct hits and four near misses.

79 plane raid, 35 got over targets, only 5 bombed alternates.

Very little flak, none near formation, none over target.

-65 degrees F. Pilot got frostbitten feet. Not very bad. About 4 unexplained flak holes in ship. Mission rough in some ways-- knocked out bridge.