James Paul crew

James Paul crew was assigned to the 514th squadron.  James provided both of the following photos.

Officers, L to R:
Bruce, Gerald                                        Navigator
Paul, James A.                       685278    Pilot, Dept 1024
Townes, Vernon A.                693328    co-pilot, Dept 1024
Rakett, Frank A.                     689546    Bombardier, Dept 1035   

Gerald Bruce was not assigned to the 376.

Enlisted, L to R:

Johnson, Clarence E.                17156088    Engineer, Dept 748
Frye, Raymond D.                    39041779    Waist Gunner, Dept 748
Noll, Vernon L.                        17159284    Waist Gunner, Dept 748
Goepfert, Robert E.                  33305679    Radio Operator, Dept 757
Flanagan. Homer J.                  36475483    Ball Turret, Dept 612

Not in picture:
Nugent, Robert L.                      19069311    Tail Turret, Dept 612