Full Circle

FULL CIRCLE is the fascinating story of Colonel John “Jack” Oliver, who was not only a highly decorated aviator but also a scientist and Missile Launch Officer who played a huge role in the early successes of the US space and nuclear deterrent programs. Colonel Oliver spent thirty years in the Army Air Corps/USAF. He was a WWII Bombardier-Navigator, flying 53 missions. His 376th Bomb Group flew B24s in low-level raids over the Ploesti oil fields plus numerous missions over Germany, Austria, and northern Italy. Jack received two Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and several Group Commendation Medals. Later he was awarded the Legion of Merit and the Air Force Commendation Medal. Returning home, Jack attended pilot training and was selected as one of only ten to fly the new P-80. He continued to fly the T-33 (P-80 variant) throughout his career. In addition to the B-24 and B-29, he also flew the famous P-51. (P-51 cover image courtesy of Doug Fisher). As Base Adjutant at Albrook Field in the Canal Zone, Jack flew the DC-3 throughout Central and South America. He escorted Chuck Yeager on the Good Will Tour in those Countries. Later, Jack was assigned to Vandenberg AFB in the Discoverer Program, becoming a Satellite Master Controller, Test Director, Ops Officer, Commander of the Hawaiian Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station, and eventually Chief of Staff for Plans & Operations for Space and Missiles and Satellite Operations. Despite his thirty-year military career, he served as County Commissioner for twelve years before “retiring.” Jack lives with his wife, Miriam, near Belton, Texas.

Full Circle is available at several on-line book stores.

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