Leonard Nulty crew

Leonard Nulty crew was assigned to the 514th Squadron.

Bombing Vienna (2-15-45), heavy "flak" hit, two engines out, headed for Russian lines bailed out around Lugoj, Romania. Picture was taken in Lugoj, Romania.

Standing Left to Right: *R.A. Koschniek, *D.W. Hollman, H.C. Kellenbence, Interpreter, T.H. Brown, J.W. Payne, C.C. Mabry, *F.L.McAllaster.

Sitting Left to Right: Leonord.B. Nulty - Pilot, Russian Officer, Jim J. Louvier - Co-Pilot.

Back at 514th Squadron.

Standing Left to Right: Jim J. Louvier, Omar W. Hollman - Top Turret Gunner, Tom H. Brown - Radio Operator / Nose Gunner, Cliff C. Mabry - Photographer, Leonord.B. Nulty - Pilot.

In Front Row: Robert A. Koschnick - Ball Turret Gunner, John W. Payne - Engineer/Waist Gunner, Fred L. McAllaster - Tail Turret Gunner, Henry C. Kellenbence - Bombardier.

Back at 514th Squadron to fly again, after being home some three weeks. The navigator, George Kile, remained in hospital in Romania.

Not shown - W.F. Brown - Radio Operator, George Kyle - Navigator.