Richard G. Miller

Jan 23.

Things are getting tough. The 93rd lost a plane some time back (by way, 93rd came from England two months back) when ran out of gas at nite and pilot tried landing ~ 4 killed, guess I'll not land dead stick many more times.

Also 93rd had 4 men bailout over Tripoli when plane was crippled by Ak-Ak - pilot staggered ship back to Benghazi _ what foolish feeling the four must have experienced when plane flew out of sight. 98th lost Lt. Lewis the other day - hit by Ak-Ak and then 14 fighters knocked him to pieces. Plane hit water and broke into- no one lived - he was a damn good lad. Went to Texas Mines or N.M. A & M. I believe. The first crews (replacement) came in today - we got 2 crews and 2 planes. Of course they started countless rumors. Hope influx will continue for this is first ray of hope we've had of getting back to the States.