Richard G. Miller Mission January 20, 1943

Jan. 20,

Back in the saddle; have crew now of Simmons as co-pilot, Capt. Gordan, nav-bomb., pgt. Knox as eng., Sgt. Brown as radio, Sgt. Morgan as Armorer, and Sgt. Napier as tail gunner - went from here to 159 (Gambut Aux), and thence up at 3:00 a.m. for mission; went to coast and rendezvoused, then to Tripoli - only 6 out of 9 got to rendezvous' point. Did damn well over target, getting hits on Moles and on a ship we went after to prevent its being towed into mouth of harbor to block it. Mickey was leading and did good job to target, but pulled his usual fiasco on way home.

Insisted on flying so slow we could hardly stay aloft - got pack to Abu Suair and one engine quit - out of gas - as naturally the gauge said over 325 gals. Finally landed without incident. Am pleased with crew - best bunch I've flown with.