Richard G. Miller Mission November 26, 1942

Nov. 29.

Went up to L.G. 139 or Gambut, which is some 30 miles southeast of Tobruk - stayed there for two nights and then went to Tripoli and bombed at noon on 26th (Thanksgiving). Was with Wilkerson and we led 8 of our planes and were to go with 9 of 98th - got separated from 98th and we got thru and hit a ship. 98th was stymied and stopped by weather, they turned back while we went down to water level to sneak thru tough fronts. All went well and we returned to base for an effort for Thanksgiving Dinner.. While at Gambut, we slept, intertwined about a couple of rocks - was freezing cold at night - visibility "0" because of dust all day _ had a canteen of water to drink and wash in a day, naturally only drank. Saw remnants of Rommel's Afrika Corps - burned out trucks, gutted tanks, crashed planes of Luftwaffe and When we advanced we had mine fields all about Jerry even mined bodies also beer bottles, and nearly anything one might pick up or kick at. With his usual thoroughness, he oiled the wheels and ruined the water for a year at least. When English left Tobruk for last time, they salted the water and it was usable after a month. The battle in the desert was rugged - couldn't count or estimate ruined vehicles allover - the ground is pock marked with shell holes and bomb crates - a bloody, rugged sight.

Had -3 days in Lydda as leave after the mission _ much fun! Have 250 hrs and 50 mins. of combat time now.

Liberandos Patch