Richard G. Miller

Nov. 12.

Well, Abu Sueir isn't quite the place Lydda was - everything is too spread out; no place to go and no way to get there. Things getting dull – rather not save that money. The mess, etc. is typically British. Meals consist of soup, fish; main course, sweets and coffee in another room. Plenty of Wogs waiting tables, but they take good advantage of Americans, for they'll serve British and bring an already served plate to an American sitting beside him. Tea is order of each day at 4:00 to 5:00 in afternoon. Have Wogs as strikers and they aren't too bright at all. Boys went out yesterday and did beautiful job - 9 of them bombed a single ship from 19,000 ft" and scored hits allover it and around it ~ sank it on the spot. Had decorations passed out yesterday - -Silver Stars and Purple Hearts. Was a disgrace to see on Lt. (Hopkins) get Purple Heart for getting bruised on a finger - yes, only bruised on a finger. Two others got it for getting fraction of inch cuts on faces from flying glass from windshield that was broken by empty cartridge cases from landing elements.

Today brought the level to absolute base when Gen'l Brereton got D.F.C. for raid on Ondama Islands. He had given himself Silver Star for that raid - no good was done - so claims Lt. Jose, who was in another ship on same mission. Of course, Gen'l did not touch wheel, merely went along and watched, scared stiff. None of others got anything of course. What respect can decorations given to sops like that command. Why and where is a man with guts enough to do the right thing - Gad, what a privilege it would be to serve under a real fighting leader who had back bone enough and lack of military aspirations enough to simply do his best to win the war instead of more worthless ribbons. We don't have such a flying officer among the leaders of this group - unless the newly made rank could qualify.