Richard G. Miller Mission October 16, 1942

Oct. 27

Weather has changed - much rain - colder _ all flights are being Made into at least 3 fronts. Boys went out a week and ~ half ago and fought through front after front to Bg. The 98th and 160 group both turned back but Halpro hit again. Next we were on deck; got briefed 3 times, out to the planes twice; but never left the field for five days, Finally, after being more than alerted, we were taken off list - another group sent out _ they with 98 and B 17s got 3 ships and 4 MMs. Gad, how can Jerry stand it psychologically for he seldom gets even one ship thru much less a convoy? The push started two days ago and from what 'Na hear Jerry needs food, fuel and ammunition; even the 8th Army should be able to roll Jerry up and put him away permanently. Get to stand by some more.