Richard G. Miller

Oct. 7.

Had court martial on 6th - through endless arguing, throwing Pres. of Court off (Maj. Payne), etc., managed to get Pvt. Karin off with only 30 days, not even loss of pay. Cleared him on all but wearing sgt. stripes; had worked two nites and 2 days on brief of case. Trial last 5 or more hours; we were very lucky.

After trial, flew nite transition with Wilkinson. Flew all morning. today. on more transitions. A group went to Bg. yesterday, had disastrous mission for the crew lost one man (radio gunner killed) and had two wounded when pursuit attacked the lagging ship. Another new crew got lost and landed at Akir; another new crew got lost and had to bailout, costing us a new plane. Had anxious moments for some time when rumor had half of crew killed, but all got out and down safely. The 98th had rugged luck the other day when they lost one 24 and had 5 men wounded when attacked by 5 pursuit, they shot down 3 of the 5, but still it is a big price.