Richard G. Miller Mission October 1, 1942

Oct. 5.

Went on a mission with new crew - Capt. Wilkinson and Lt. Malley as nave bomb. We went after convoy. Maj. Fennel, leader, turned back, Capt. Sibert led us. Searched just off Tobruk for 2 hours- trying to locate it; had to fight a front and hazy visibility; picked up ice, etc. Saw 8 planes, dodged about and went back to discover were Libs _ gave us a good scare. Never found convoy and jettisoned bombs. Had first dust storm in long while, October 3, and then had heavy rain the 4th. So heavy, it cancelled mission. The 98th Group went out after a convoy and lost one plane; the remainder had 5 men shot up. They knocked down 3 of 5 J.U. 88s - Guess it will get rugged before long, Am to be Asst. Defense Counsel tomorrow when there will be a court martial for Pvt. Karin. He is charged with everything that could happen to a drunk soldier - stole an Aussie M.P. truck, cussed them out, wore Sgts' stripes, etc. If we get him off of any of it, we'll be lucky as the Court appears very prejudiced, especially the pres. Maj. Payne. Had quite a party in Tel Aviv when went in with Jack Lisack _ all nite affair.