Richard G. Miller

Sept. 23.

Gen. Brereton and Air Vice-Marshall Tedder, Big Wig of R.A.F. in Middle East, came in today to present decorations. We had the usual Guard of Honor and then a few pilots, co-pilots, and navigators received the Silver Star from Tedder and Gen. B. I happened to be one of the samples to all the men on the Italian Fleet (raid) will get the Award. but they only wanted a few for the ceremony. Tedder spoke to combat crews after ceremony, and succeeded in wasting a half an hour and said absolutely nothing. Yelvington came back to see us; his arm is about well, but his hand still is in a cast. He is slated to go home and lecture to high school kids - think nearly anyone of us in Halpro would trade him immediately; is a swell break for him.