Richard G. Miller

Sept. 13

In writing of the past few weeks, I left out an interesting discussion on Rommel's attack after a long hill. He sent 370 tanks thru a mine field, backed them up with his famous 88 mm guns and waited for the British to counter-attack with tanks (all this on southern sector of battle line). But British didn't fall for trap, they kept their tanks on a knoll back aways. When British didn't come in, Rommel had to attack and he lost 100 tanks to 18 British ones. The British 25 pound guns hammered hell out of Rommel's armor. In the meantime, Allied A20s and B 25s and pursuit attacked supply line to tanks with 250 lb and 500 lb frag. bombs, and destroyed 1500 motor supply vehicles. Rommel sent in J.U. 88s to haul gas and food to tanks but British pursuit gave such resistance, he had to quit this and withdraw back thru mine field. This was a rather heavy slap at Jerry General and he hasn't retaliated yet. The British claim they have him where they want him. (We wonder if they have him where he wants us) for his supply and communication lines are so long he can't function too well; at the British because they hope to decisively defeat him if not do away with him.

I kinda wonder if maybe they hadn't better get to it quick before the Russian front can spare M.E. 109s to dispatch us. We had a statistical capitulation that made us look good today - only 20% of supplies between Crete, Greece and Italy to Africa were stopped by submarines and medium and light bombers in three month period before heavy stuff got here" Now, in 3 month period, heavy bombers have been here only 20% of Supplies have gotten thru - of this, subs, med. and 1gt bombers got their same share and heavy stuff the remainder (60%). Halpro has been credited with about 60% of the heavy success; the remaining credit going to 159 squadron (British Libs) , 58 Bomb Group of Y4 Squadrons, and the Halifaxes. This presents a delightful picture, but comes no closer to getting us home then the Man in the Moon - if only they'd give us something definite to shoot for a goal to aim it no matter how distant; without an end in view, we can only look to rest when all crews and planes are expended __  dreary thought. The boys went out to Bengazi tonight on a most secret affair - wouldn't tell them the deal until a second before take off - we won't know till tomorrow but my guess is that a Commando raid may be pulled tonight and we are to have our planes above BG to keep the Ities in their holes - each ship stays over the target for It hours - a long raid end a tough assignment regardless of what for.


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