Richard G. Miller Mission September 9, 1942

Sept. 9

Had to go out again. Went in our ass end position to Tobruk to get what was left of the convoy _ one ship, that though hit, had been towed in. We bombed a sunken ship I believe, for we couldn't locate the target - the harbor is covered with derelicts and it takes a trained eye to pick out those we go after. The target was practically overcast so we had difficulty at 21,000'. We did a great deal of damage to the oft-bombed jettys and started a fire. The 98th Group, up the way at St. Jean and Rammet David has been tying up terribly. They were to send 24 ships after the convoy the other day; 20 got off the ground and found the target, 10 jettisoned bombs, and 8 bombed the alternate target. Gen’l Brereton was rather unhappy, so he got up to look into the matter - he cancelled their mission to Tobruk (when they were supposed to go with us).