Richard G. Miller Mission September 3, 1942

Sept 4.

Yesterday 9 of our ships went out after a 6 ship convoy (3 escorts and 5 merchants). On approaching the target, the flight was attacked by 4 M.E. 110s and one JU 88. The pursuit attacked for 25 minutes until they ran out of ammunition; we shot down one M.E. 110 in the course of the battle, but they were successful in that they broke up the bombing run at the last second by knocking out 2 of the lead plane’s engines. Had to salvo bombs and take out for home. All our planes were shot up and Jim Yelvington got a shell (030 calibre, I think) in his shoulder and in his hand. He will be O.K. if no complications set in. He showed a great deal of guts by not saying a word all the way home. Can't help but be proud of if guy like that. The British really came thru yesterday by sending all they had after the convoy and getting all 6 ships, It is the first bit of help we've had in this air war and reinjected our dwindling spirits. The British seemed to have halted Rommel effectively with 4000 pound bombs dropped by Wimpys. Don't see how Jerry can take such a beating on his supply lines; for we have truly blasted everything he has sent to Africa the past few weeks. Hope it continues in this vein for a change.