Richard G. Miller Mission August 27, 1942

Aug. 27

Went on mission hunting for a convoy _ didn't have much luck due to faulty navigation by lead ship, Maj. Fennell. Had 10 ship formation and at last minute, 2 planes spotted convoy and headed for it. The rest of us couldn't get it over the radio and blissfully followed our flight leader - the two planes missed and we bombed the Med. Maj. Fennell completed his fiasco by dropping his bombs thru his bomb bay doors; it was his bombardiers' fault, but still---The mission was poorly planned and helped establish the second rate quality we have in charge here. Then when we got back, there was severe criticism of the 2 planes that broke formation to bomb the target _ just another situation I don't get. This mission was the first one on which Wilcox was pilot; he did O.K. was nervous and the two of us really sweated things out on landing and take-off. Col. Mickey showed himself again when he refused to let Major Nero come to the briefings to pep up the bombardiers; no explanation, but just refused.