Richard G. Miller

July 25

Went to Tel Aviv again - while drinking at one of the local hotel bar, we were accosted, as it were, by Lily. Now I hadn't had the pleasure of her acquaintance nor had I even heard of her. But soon I grasped the situation for it was beginning to fit together. She had been talking of Col. Halverson this and that, and suddenly came across with a statement similar to this:- "I always seem to get my dress so dirty" and then she proceeded to pull it around to show us, and incidentally pulls it up to her naval - the darned bitch is the Colonel's steady whore!  Boy, this war is fairly tough as hell on the rank. Come to find out our magnificent leader, our C.O. has been going to see Lily very often. Truly sounds good to hear of our big shots worrying and working so when we go out and do all the dirty work - Yeah!