Richard G. Miller Mission July 21, 1942

July 22.

Went on a visit to the Isle of Crete with Crouchley and crew.

Left here (Lydda) at 4:00 p.m. and flew straight out into the Med, then up across Crete and hit the Bay of Suda - back by 12:30 midnight. Had 9 of our ships and 6 Libs. Think we did a bit damage, but the dust and smoke hampered our observation. Crete is a long, narrow island; but mountains 8,000 ft. high and is so rugged that there are still some British troops in the mountains. They live a normal life, evading capture, living partly from supplies dropped to them by reconnaisance planes; they hope to eventually steal a boat and paddle straight across the Med to Egypt. The last one to get out came in about a month ago. He was in sad shape - but free!! Was covered with sores as the result of a steady diet of goat and not much else. Of course, he will be sent to England and given an easy job, if any, for the duration. Now I have a little more than 114 hours of combat flying, which is as much or more than anyone in the outfit.