Richard G. Miller Mission July 15, 1942

July 16

We left here, went to Fayid and bombed up. Started out with a seven ship formation plus seven Liberators. After flying nearly three hours of gruelling formation we, (our ship), developed quite a gas leak out of No. 3 engine and we had to turn back. The remainder went on and bombed Bg and returned to report on Liberator down from Ak-Ak - they really are getting tough over there.

Sibert went to the hospital with flu symptoms. I volunteered to go out tomorrow in another ship. Most of the outfit thinks I'm nuts and maybe they have their points, but I came over to fight and by God I'll not fourflush like most of our outfit is now doing. It is my opinion this outfit has nearly shot its bolt - the men are too old and have too many responsibilities at home - they look for excuses to turn back now - When I criticize this, I get thoroughly talked down, but I still can't see assuring my safety and sticking another buddy's neck out doing it. And when a ship leaves a formation and turns back for any reason but dire trouble, he is welshing, for it weakens hell out of a bombardment group when even one falls out. --- Was thinking today of the things I miss but don't realize until I stop to consider it. Small things like a mattress, sheet, pillow, hot water (haven't had hot water to shave or bathe with since leaving the ,States), etc.