Richard G. Miller Mission July 2, 1942

Nite of July 1 & July 2

Went on another "Milk Run" to Tobruk of course. Tonight was the first time we've really raised hell with our objective at night. Our ship started a huge fire that we could see for 60 miles. All the ships struck about the same time and blasted the harbor to all hell.

4 B-17Es are operating with us, but none of them found, the target; maybe they've been here for 6 months but that is all they have to their credit.

Wimpys (Wellingtons) were to mine while we drew the Ak-Ak, but the Germans were on the ball, and held their fire till the low-flying planes moved in, in truth, they protected us instead of the other way 'round. The mission was quite a success. Came back and got a few hours sleep _ on that damned concrete floor. And then these Hebrews are making a mint of us at the restaurant we draw such meagre rations at. And to think I joined the Air Corps so I could always have a bed to sleep in and a decent meal to eat - what a "grind". Went into Tel-Aviv and found a most glorious set-up. The town is the most modern in the Middle East, in fact, it is only 20 years old. They have modernistic buildings, 'tis quite clear, have night clubs that are representative of the States. Had a huge meal of two complete steak dinners - and four scotches topped it off fine.. The women are fairly white and speak English. Left the town well satisfied that it has great prospects.