Richard G. Miller

July 1

Still no word of our first 'missing plane- can't help but hope, and believe that they got down in the water or in the desert; men can't give up any easier

Well now I have lived; and having lived I am part English; have come to enjoy their tea and now have become part of one of their famous and very prevalent practice of strategic retreats and successful disengagements because of the Nazi approach on Cairo, we have to vacate for Lydda, Palestine. Got three hours sleep and then had to pack and get. Managed to get 4 quarts of Scotch and then took out for Lydda. 'Tis quite a place - in a green valley - perfect get up. But damned if we don't have to sleep on the concrete floor in our bed rolls. Our officers aren't doing right by us - here we pack, unpack and pack two or three times a week and still we starve while they stuff.

The greatest sin is to descend on a new post and have our, rank promptly get skunked and then confine us.