Richard G. Miller

June 24. The Squadron-Leader that went down in the Wellington, had been on 90 raids - seems like when your number is up, experience or anything else is of no avail.

We are to go back to Benghazi tonight. There will be 80 or more ships attack within 30 or 40 minutes. Ought to be quite a show.

One prediction says we will lose 10 planes, but the amusing part of this remark is the undampenable and unconquerable spirit of our boys _ hell, you couldn't shake any of them outwardly anyway. Of course each man will go up with a hope, a gulp, and a curse for those goddamn Jerries, but none will falter. The position of the British is quite here in Africa. The Japs landed on Madagascar and at Durbin, South Africa. The Germans took Tobruk. More Jerries should start through Syria so that all three can move on the Suez. If the British ever lose North Africa, it will really be rough going, but everything in the Middle East is being drawn back and thrown into this battle and I believe the drive will be stopped. Most of the troops participating in this campaign will be Canadians, South Americans, Aussies and New Zealanders. ! These men took Tobruk after the toughest sort of going, and the English lost it in six hours. Feeling is high as is contempt for the British fighting ability.