Richard G. Miller

June 20.

After a day of rumors and counter-rumor, the only one that now remains is that we will stay here for some time. The Colonel pulled a fancy one and landed a twin-motor Beechcraft with the wheels up _ Simply forgot. All the men, including me, are hacked at staying here. First, we want to get at the Jape _ second, we think the British pulled a fast one to hold us here. Third, we don't like the prospect of being under General Maxwell, an Ordinance General. Fourth, we think U.S. should keep its promise to China. Here General Whang, the second man of China _ successor to Chiang Kai-shek - spent months trying to get us to China to help relieve the pressure and now we are stymied. Hear we might have a mission tomorrow night to the desert. Heard also that the convoy we saved had 72 ships full of troops to start pressure on Italy and Sicily. Something big is afoot" for all the big wigs, the 30,000' and ETA men, conferred for some time today. Some reinforcements came for us and one ship got back from taking the General (Whang) to India; and one from. Khartoum. (that had been delayed at U.S. because of gas tank trouble). The boys from India brought some cokes along and sold them for $1.00 a bottle; the last two selling for #2.50. Some guys will do anything for money. But that gives an idea of how much we do miss American products.