Richard G. Miller

June 17.

Today we were interviewed by some 10 to 15 American War Correspondents. They wanted a story of our raid on the Italian Fleet ~ should be a big help in letting the family know I am O.K. Guess we can add a destroyer sunk to our list of successes on the fleet for it has been confirmed by the radio. This Halpro outfit is the first contingent of Americans in the U.S. Army to strike at anything on the European Continent, and as such, we are news.

We could not tell anything of our raid on the Roumanian oil fields, and it was with amusement that we had to listen to these correspondents say that maybe we weren’t the first, because 4 American ships landed in Turkey - what they wouldn't give to have the straight of that story! Went swimming yesterday in the beautiful waters' of the Mediterranean i.e. the Suez Canal - it looks very inviting, refreshingly crystal clear and blue, but on diving" it was a deep disappointment, for it was super salty; very bitter. But the club there was an oasis. I had my second taste of ice cream since the states - sat and ate four dishes - was like a small child in my enthusiasm. Funny how we take it for granted in the States - along with plenty of water. Here, the water is turned off at odd hours. If you want a shower, forget it, for the water will be off, but if you don’t need one, rush down and enjoy it, for the water is bound to be on! “Tis great sport attempting to outwit these British. Here they water this damned sand all day, but won’t save a gallon or two for us - don't get it at all.

Today we got our greatest defense weapon- a fly swatter. Sounds like a, small detail, but herein lies the destination - and difference between the Americans and the British. The

British merely stall off the flies with a crop of hair to brush them off, while the Americans kill the flies _ and there by remove the nuisance .. and so it is the Americans

Do something towards accomplishing an end, while our good' Limey brothers' grin and do nothing.

In writing up this raid, I must include a rather disgusting incident. Our C.O. got drunk the night before the raid and acted like a two year old at the final briefing _ was a sad sight when you consider his position. Then too, his habit of requiring all of us to wear ties at the evening meal and his usual appearance without a tie is not too inspiring.


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