Richard G. Miller

June 9.

This post is quite something; there are a few Wellington bombers here, but seems to be a museum for for old out-of-date ships. However, we are told that they have only lost 4 ships in two years. We have good (fair) barracks, only half decent mess (but cheap), good service on our planes. The Scots and Australians here are very friendly fellows - seem very eager to get along with the Americans; have an admiration for the way we do things. The Australians are much like the Americans and have about the same outlook on most things. Tonight we had a meeting and found that we haven't stripped our ship for nothing. We are to raid a spot that the British have wanted to hit for two years - must be in Italy - who knows. It is exciting as hell - this preparing for a raid - wish to hell we could go out every day!!  Still would like to get in pursuit! Don't know if it is that I'm a poor loser or just can't put up with my pilot much longer.  The field here is ready for trouble - we are ringed with pursuit airports _ have ak-ak's allover, sandbags about all valuable buildings, good revetments, slit trenches for each building, (all trenches well built), good signal rules for air raids; search lights all around, black out precautions, etc. Rumor here says a British ship, LB 30, left for England a few days ago, fired wrong signal or rather had the wrong time, and consequently fired wrong signal and was shot down by British ak-ak's - guess these aren't marbles we're playing for. The revetments here are built by Egyptian labor - hard filled boys and hard hearted - they have a foreman over each crew and he is armed with a whip _ a modern Simon Legree. Each room of officers has a batman who does the laundry, keeps house in the room, wakes one up with a spot of tea - am getting so I must have my tea for all meals and to awaken one. These batmen are Italian prisoners - they are damned glad to be here _ are excellent trustees; have only one guard in every 600 prisoners. Expect to have mail here soon. They are beginning to treat us like children again - damn, we got the ships over, only losing 4 for repairs and we didn't have any pertinent advice or help - if they'll leave a little to our training and intelligence, we'll come 'through perfectly, but if they keep this up, who the hell will care. (note _ this case of R.A’s is approved by all of the officers from Captain down).