Richard G. Miller

June 8.

Dust and More Dust!! Left today for Fayid _ an R.A.F. Station 60 miles east of Cairo.

We are to be right on Bitter Lakes which is part of the Suez Canal _ 20 miles from the main part of Suez canal. Took off on instruments because the dust was so heavy - in fact, 9 planes had to stay in Khartoum to await clearer weather. Flew across the Lybian Desert. Gad - that would be a rugged place to have to set down. Followed the general course of the Nile for a few hundred miles. Saw the Pyramids - fascinating piece of engineering. Cairo looked mighty good and green on the way up, we got into the British Defense corridor - a very good system. For example, we flew around one town at a certain distance from it and at a designated altitude.. On entering the vital zones we had to fire Varey signals. Likewise on the approach to the field, we fired the Signal. Looks like we are going to really get into the war for keeps.