Richard G. Miller

June 6.

Went down to the Nile 1/2 mile away and hunted crocs - no luck. Went across the river in an Egyptian junk or whatever they call it. Is a boat put together by wooden pegs, has a sail, sweep oar and all. In crossing the river we used the sail, oars, poles and then jumped out and pulled it the last 100 yards. On crossing the river, we prowled about till we found a plantation. Only the natives who work there were allowed in, but being in uniform and having guns on our hips must have had its effect, for we were ushered in and given a guide. Ate a mango ... not bad, looks kinda like a peach, tastes more like an orange.

Bananas were the other main product of our farm. On leaving the place, we got in our boat and with very little wind to aid us, we got across the fairly strong current without losing ground. In landing, we broke out 45's - tried our eye. Didn't do too badly for firing a strange gun. But the heat nearly cooked us. I can't think up enough appropriate adjectives to describe all the discomfort it cause so. 'Tis hard to sleep at night - get up weary; some of the men manage to sleep during the day, but if I lie in bed 15 minutes it looks as though I'd poured a bucket of water on it - truly terrific!!