Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on August 30, 1944

August 30, 1944 – Wednesday

“Yugoslav Joy Ride”

Mission #45 – target – Railroad bridge at Caprija in Yugoslavia.  Takeoff  0705 Landing 1205 (0500) Total combat hours (255:45)  Load 6000 lbs (3-2000) Purpose: to blast the escape route of the Germans fleeing from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Yugoslavia.  Remarks:

1.     Bombing was done by seven plane boxes.

2.     We were deputy lead of our box

3.     Bucksheesh no flak no fighters

4.     This was the shortest mission thus far

5.     This is the easiest mission up to date

6.     For the first time, we carried 2000 pounders – S-2 reported that the 1000 pounders were ineffective against rugged steel bridges

7.     Casualties none

8.     Statistics – Total bomb tonnage (167,600)(83.3 tons)

9.     Sgt. Graf was grounded due to a stomach ailment