Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on August 14, 1944

August 14, 1944 – Monday

“Double Jeopardy”

Mission #43 – target – gun positions in the Genoa area.  Takeoff 0715 Landing 1435 (0720)  Total combat hours (240:20) Load 6000 lbs (6-1000). Remarks:

1)     The entire 15th Air Force went after coastal installations along the entire proposed invasion area.  This was the third straight time in three days that the air force hit defensive positions.

2)     Lead bombardier couldn’t locate target, so we made a 360 degree turn and tried again

3)     Again the same thing occurred – target was obscured by huge smoke and clouds

4)     We didn’t drop our bombs and turned for home

5)     Over the coast, moderate, accurate flak was encountered

6)     Hits were scored in the rear bomb bays, several of them hit the bombs.  1 fragment missed a fuse by inches

7)     One hit in Plexiglas nose sprayed glass over bombardier

8)     Casualties none