Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on August 12, 1944

August 12, 1944 – Saturday

“Prelude to Invasion”

Mission #42 – target – gun positions between Toulon and Marseilles (costal guns) in France.  Takeoff 0715 Landing 1335 (0820) Total combat hours (23:00) Load 5000 lbs (explosive B-RDX)) Remarks:

1)     The entire 15th Air Force hit the southern French coast and Italian (Northern) coast from Perpiguan to Genoa – targets in each case being gun positions

2)     This bombing was intended to knock out the coastal guns to make way for the invasion which was immenient

3)     Flak light and inaccurate, no fighters

4)     Bombing accomplished by flights instead of sections

5)     ‘Good results obtained

6)     Casualties none

7)     Statistics – total bomb tonnage (152,600 lbs)(76.3 tons)

8)     Lt Florczak flew as navigator with another crew.  Lt Morgenbesser assumed duties as navigator

9)     Sgt. Wheeler became permanent engineer on Lt. Sharf’s crew.  We use a substitute ball gunner from now on in.