Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on July 27, 1944

July 27, 1944 – Thursday

“Promotion Commotion”

Mission #38 – target – Mannfred Weiss aircraft and armament works at Budapest in Hungary.  Takeoff 0545 Landing 1235 (0650) total combat hours (203:20) Load 5000 lbs.  remarks:

1)     The entire 15th Air Force concentrated their attack in the Budapest area

2)     Flak was fairly accurate and moderate at target

3)     Fighters (10 Me-109s) made one sweep at our formation and then were chased by P-51s

4)     Almost all of Budapest was smoking and burning

5)     4 flak holes in ship only little more than dents

6)     Casualties none

7)     Statistics – total bomb tonnage (132,600 lbs)(66.3 tons)

8)     Lt. R. J. Morgenbesser promoted to rank of 1st Lt.