Robert N. McLean, Jr. Mission on July 18, 1944

July 18, 1944 – Tuesday

“Roundtrip to Nowhere”

Mission #32 – target – airdrome and aircraft plant at Friedrichshafen, near the Swiss border, along Lake Constance, in Germany.  Takeoff 0630  Landing 1045 (0415) Total combat hours (167:55) Load 5000 lbs.  Remarks:

1)     The entire 15th Air Force was set to bomb targets in Friedrichshafen

2)     After several 360 to get around and above the 10/10 cloud coverage, the group gave up and returned to base

3)     Casualties none

4)     We had a substitute radio operator

5)     This was the first time that ship #84 had been flown, since we had it perforated 100 time on the Giurgia mission

6)     No mission credit